"My favorite thing is to go where I've never been."

One of my favorite quotes is by Diane Arbus, an American photographer from the 1950s and 60s. She was known for finding beauty in unlikely subjects. She dared to photograph what people were not willing to look at and acknowledge.

My love for photography began in high school when I took photography classes as a Junior. Even then I quickly realized rather than looking at the surface I had a desire to dive deeper. I aimed to photograph things that people might not otherwise take the time to look at and witness. I want to show people the true beauty in details with the images I take.

My goal is to not only show beauty in details but grace, strength, and uniqueness of anything I photograph. I piece together multiple images to tell a story about your life. With that being said I offer an image that embraces a moment in time and offers it again and again. Holding a memory to be shared and cherished for years to come.

 Born, raised, and based in Peoria, IL I am available for engagement photos, celebrations, lifestyle portrait sessions of families and children, pregnancy, newborn babies, canines and felines, senior portraits, or anything you need photographed. I am also available for other projects or collaborations. 

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